20 Reasons High School Players Should Consider Doing a Post Graduate Basketball Year

If you’re a basketball player in your senior year of high school and planning to head off to college, before you finalize your plans we suggest you read about this first …

Going to college right away may not be the best option for you, you may BENEFIT MORE by holding off college for a year to attend a post graduate basketball program.

What are the reasons players are choosing to go to a post graduate basketball program?

• Some players know early on that they would like to pursue a post graduate basketball year and don’t go through the college application process at all.
• Other players decide to consider both options and fill applications for both.
• Some players are not happy with their college options, deciding they would like another year to strengthen their submission for college scholarships.
• Players and their families are aiming to get a college scholarship by having more exposure therefore more schools looking at them.
• Some players maybe looking to improve on a scholarship offer that has already been made by a school by getting further development.
• Families may also consider post graduate basketball year if there has been a setback (illness, family circumstance).

Significant Advantages for why you should do a post graduate basketball year:

1. Some student-athletes just need time to get a little better & work on their skill development which is a huge focus at post graduate basketball programs.
2. You can play another year of basketball without using your NCAA eligibility.
3. Top post graduate basketball programs like New York International Academy travel nationally instead of regionally like most high schools.
4. Post graduate basketball programs don’t have high school or NCAA restraints so They’re able to spend ample time on weight training, practice & skills work to further develop their players.
5. Some student-athletes have GPA or core class requirements to fill, others need to improve their ACT or SAT scores, post graduate basketball programs offer the opportunity to do this.
6. Top post graduate basketball programs like New York International Academy provide professional level coaching for players.
7. If a student-athlete has suffered an injury, a year of post graduate basketball allows them to recover, build strength back and show college coaches they are 100% healthy.
8. When playing high school basketball, players are put in position to help their team win & not necessarily the best place for them to get recruited or succeed at the college level; a post graduate basketball program can help them prove he can play another position.
9. Post graduate basketball programs allow a student-athlete to mature socially.
10. Post graduate basketball programs provide another year of academic readiness and time to enhance study skills and time management.
11. Student-athletes will be much better prepared than they would have been, for when it is time to go to college.
12. Student-athletes will be more attractive as a candidate to college coaches due to their enhanced profile & demonstrated ability to do more demanding work.
13. Student-athletes can use this additional year to take college course as a non-matriculated student. At New York International Academy student-athletes take 2 college courses (3 credits each) to start working towards their degree giving them experience of studying at a college level for when they are full time college students.
14. Student-athletes can begin to integrate into a social environment that supports autonomy & leadership.
15. Attending a post graduate basketball program enables players to extend the college planning & searching process to find the right fit college.
16. Post graduate basketball programs like New York International Academy help players physically mature at a place where you can compete against higher-level competition than high school.
17. Post graduate student-athletes earn bigger scholarships than they had after graduating high school, so in the long run they save thousands of dollars in college tuition after graduating from college.
18. Student-athletes benefit from the close-knit community and strong advising found at a post graduate basketball program.
19. Top post graduate programs like New York International Academy provide high level strength training program with highly-experience strength coaches that have experience training division 1 athletes.
20. By attending a post graduate basketball program like New York International Academy, you will have professional assistance with your college placement.


It is understood by many that the post-graduate experience is essential to the growth and success of playing basketball at the college level. A lot of players who choose this as an option go on to play Division 1 basketball.


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