Online Personal Training

Get the customized personal training and support you need any where in the world!

Off Season Training

AAUCONNECT.COM off season training is available from August through September and is for players who are looking to make significant progress in their basketball development.

Our off season training program consists of position specific skills work, team concepts and basketball specific strength & speed training.

TOEFL Review Class

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is for student-athletes who English is not their first language. The TOEFL score is used to determine your eligibility to receive a scholarship offer to college.

Earn 6 College Credits

All student-athletes have the opportunity to get a head start at college and gain 6 accredited college credits. All courses will be completed online under Teacher supervision at New York International Academy.

Raise GPA

If you need to raise your GPA to become eligible to play college basketball then we can offer you the opportunity to do so at New York International Academy with the help and guidance from our full-time Teacher.