Coach Bevin

Coach Bevin


Euro Lions Basketball
NY International Academy
Pro Placement
Off Season Training

Current Positions:

Head of Basketball Development  ­ AAUCONNECT.COM ­ 


Coach Bevin has placed Players in the Following College Divisions in his career.

College:  NCAA Division 1        NCAA Division 2

NCAA Division           NAIA  Division 1

NAIA  Division  1         USCAA

NCJAA                           CCAA ( CANADA)





Solent Stars England (EBL)
C.B. Navas Spain (EBA)
C.B Ponferrada Spain (N1)
Longford Falcon Ireland (Div 1)
Kristensand Pirates Norway (BLNO)
BC Horsens  Denmark (Basketliga)
West Angila Fury  England(EBL)
KK Radnicki  Serbia (a1)
KK Drita  Kosovo (Superleague
CB Monzon  Spain (EBA)
CB LAlfaz  Spain (EBA)
ETB Espoo  Finland (Div1)
DCU Saints  Ireland (Premiere League)
Toowoomba Mountaineers Australia (SBL)
C.B. Maramajo Spain (EBA) –




99/00  Queensburough N.Y.C, CC (NCJAA) ­ Redshirt

00/02  Mowhawk Valley Utica N.Y., CC (NCJAA)

02/03  Montana State University Northern Havre Montana (NAIA D1)

03/04  Oakland City University Oakland City Indiana (NCAA D2)


High School:

94/95  Susquehanna Valley High school Binghamton N.Y.(JV)

95/96  Susquehanna Valley High school Binghamton N.Y.(JV)

96/97  Susquehanna Valley High school Binghamton N.Y. (V)

98/99  Highline High school,     Seattle W.A. (V)


  Coaching Experience:

04/05  Solent Stars England ­ ​Development Coach ages 7 to 12.

06/07  BC Horsens Denmark­ ​Men’s 3rd Division assistant Coach

07/08  West Angila Fury England ­ ​U16 Head Coach

09/10  KK Drita Kosovo ­ ​Women’s Assistant  10/12  Harbour Island Athletic Club ­ ​Individual Skills Coach (Summers in off season)

12/13  Tampa Bay International Academy ­ ​Head Coach

14/14   Plymouth Raiders Academy England Head Coach

14/15​   Euro Lions AAU​  ­ ​ Head Coach

!6/16   Assistant Coach Towoomba Australia

16/17   Youth Development Coach CB Maramajo Spain

18 Development Coach Shot zone Singapore



Head Coach  Euro Lions   (2014­Current)  Details:

● Recruit players internationally

● Schedule games in tournaments, showcase and scrimmages at Colleges/Universities

● Coach, develop & mentor players during tour in U.S.A

● Provide exposure for players to be recruited

● Connect players with college coaches

● Facilitate the scholarship process

●The program runs three times annually only during school breaks

Head Coach/Strength Coach  TBIA Basketball Academy  Tampa, Florida  (2011­2013)  Details:

● Planned and implemented 6 month training program that consisted of 3 practices a day 2 basketball  practices and 1 strength session

● Coached 4 separate teams in over 200 games

● Managed assistant coaches

● Represent players with NCAA Coaches and helped with their recruitment
● Made it through 6 months with 75 players without any injuries due to proper management and workout  volume

Basketball Skills Coach/Personal Trainer  Harbour Island Athletic Club  Tampa, Florida  (2010­2012)  Details:

● Considered a MASTER LEVEL TRAINER due to my years of experience

● Individually trained players in basketball fundamentals and strength training

● P.T. players parents that were interested in weight­loss    Owner


Athletes Abroad Athletic Scholarship Service  Tampa, Florida  (2007­2011)  Details:

● Sent players to schools in the U.S.A.

● Recruited players through Pro­Coaches in EU as well as Basketball Agents.

● Edited video making highlights for players

● Marketed players to NCAA Schools



Sports Agent  I.B.O. Agency  Barcelona, Spain  (2011­2012)

● Recruited and signed professional players

● Managed players

● Compiled video highlights, edited video and made it available online for professional teams



Sports Agent  Global Sports Plaza  Macedonia  (2010­2011)

● Recruited and signed professional players

● Managed players

● Compiled video highlights, edited video and made it available online for professional teams



Sports Agent  NS Basket Agency  Novi Sad, Serbia  (2008­/2010)

● Recruited and signed professional players

● Managed players

● Compiled video highlights, edited video and made it available online for professional teams      Specialist Skills:

● Basketball coaching & development


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Euro Lions AAU Tour 3 Weeks August 5, 2020