Eagles Victory Over Herkimer

Amazing game for the New York International Academy Eagles! Giving up is never an option …

You can’t teach toughness, that comes within yourself and the Eagles defense was lacking luster in the first half with the team giving up to many easy baskets to Herkimer.

After the halftime talk with Head Coach Young they came back out more focused and tougher on both ends of the floor. The N.Y.I.A. Eagles displayed better team work with trusting each other and becoming one unit on the floor.

Coach Young shouting from the side lines he kept everyone locked into the game. It was a beautiful sight to watch the  fight their way back into the game. The Eagles were down 8 pts with less then 2 mins left in the game. Coach Young called a time out and gave them the defensive plays.

They went back out and executed every defensive play perfectly. Coach called another time out with 2.5 seconds left in the game. The Eagles were down 2 pts 82-84 with the host ball under the Eagles basket.

Coach Young told the players, “No pressure we can do it … Now its time to execute the defensive play!”

The referee hands the ball to the host team, our tallest player is on the ball just smothering the passer to the max, our guards are denying the host guards and our point guard is in the middle off the floor eye balling the passer to see where he wants to pass. The pass is made, our big gets his hand on the ball and tips it so it does not reach its full speed on travel, our point guard see’s the ball tip and is able to get to it within 1 sec, as he reaches the ball he goes right into his jump shot and releases it within another second and the ball is in flight within .5 seconds and goes through the basket as the horns blows!!

85-84 win for NYIA

Great victory for the Eagles – Go Eagles!!