N.Y.I.A. Elite AAU NY2LA Recap

NY2LA is one of the largest competition tournaments in the Nation and the NYIA Elite AAU came so close to leaving as the champions ...

The NY2LA tournament saw many teams from the EYBL, New York, LA, the ADIDAS circuit coming together to battle it out in front of the college coaches who turned out for the level of talent.

NY2LA is a big deal and was full of high caliber players looking to prove themselves and gain the attention of the scouts. The highest bracket in the tournament was the Gold Bracket which saw the likes of Ray Allen’s Select team, Reach Legends and the N.Y.I.A. Elite Eagles playing in it.

The NYIA Elite performed great. We had to beat Iman Shumpert’s Made Men AAU team on Friday to get to the semi-final. Made Men were one of the top teams on the circuit and beating them was a major upset. On the last day there was only two teams going in undefeated – NYIA Elite and Ray Allen Select. Courtside was filled with colleges coaches waiting to see the final four play for the championship. The four teams that made it to the final were: NYIA Elite, Ray Allen Select, Reach Legends & Play Makers.

NYIA Elite made it to the semi final game against Ray Allen Select. The Game went in to over-time. NYIA Elite lead the game going down the stretch with all guards performing good offensively making shots and getting rebounds, the NYIA team on a whole played very well. Unfortunately NYIA Elite’s main point guard, injured both hands, dislocating his finger on his right hand. This was an unfortunate event which ultimately gave way to Ray Allen Select beating them by 3 points. NYIA struggled to get the ball up the court and had turnovers. The final score was 62-59.

After the tournament Coach Kelso had University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Western Colorado and other college coaches coming up to him showing interest in our players. Now the teams focus is turned to the next event which is the Grand Rapids Storm Classic MI.

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