Prep School (Post-Grad) Vs Junior College

Prep School (Post-Grad) Vs Junior College

Do you know the differences between a Prep School vs Junior College? This article will give you the answer so you can be better informed on which option is the best choice for you.


As the end of high school approaches you probably have one thing on your mind … offers. Now don’t worry if you have no offers to play college basketball or even if the offers you do have are not really what you are looking for. Thankfully you have 2 options to take a look at. You can either go to a Prep School aka. Post Grad Academy or, go to a Junior college.


Let’s take a closer look at the Prep School option:


Pro’s of Prep School:

  • Prep Schools are for 1 year
  • That’s one more year to gain strength, size, power and increase your athleticism
  • You can take this time to improve SAT ACT test scores – some players need structure to improve on their test scores
  • You can take college elective courses that will transfer to any college/university
  • Prep school provides you with a structured year away from home to learn life skills like: how to look after yourself, time management, self responsibility, mature etc.
  • It is a change of scenery beneficial for a boost in motivation
  • You compete every day against players who are pushing hard for the same thing as you (this will help you to raise your game level)
  • It DOES NOT COUNT against your college eligibility –  great if you need an unofficial redshirt year that doesn’t start your NCAA eligibility clock, you will still have 4 years eligibility after attending
  • It’s a level above High School and the level just below college so it’s good prep for college – it will push you out your comfort zone so you can grow
  • You play against high level competition which forces you to improve
  • You get more exposure
  • Many college coaches come to watch and recruit players from prep schools as Prep Schools are known to be recruiting grounds for college coaches
  • You can be eligible for a part scholarship to attend
  • Prep schools give you a full year to get exposure playing in front of college coaches to get a scholarship offer to college the following year
  • Attending a prep school will increase your chances of getting a scholarship
  • Prep Schools tend to focus mainly on basketball with the education aspect as optional
  • Prep schools simulate college living
  • Some prep schools offer players opportunity to take life-skills courses in addition to their training
  • Prep schools have a big budget for their basketball program


Con’s of Prep School:

  • Players must have graduated from high school with good grades
  • Not all prep schools are the same, while some can be very high quality programs like NYIA some can be very questionable so do your research – call the prep school, visit their website (you can tell alot about how serious and how professional they are and what effort they give to their players)
  • It can be expensive
  • Full rides are rare


Now let’s compare what we’ve just learned about Prep School to a Junior College:


Pro’s of Junior College:

  • Junior Colleges are for 2 years
  • JUCO is an option for players who didn’t academically qualify to play D1 or D2
  • After 2 years of JUCO players can play their remaining 2 years D1 or D2
  • JUCO’s can offer full or part scholarships
  • Attending a JUCO players tend to play against older stronger players which is good for improving physically
  • The speed & strength of the game at a JUCO is more similar to College level because of the above reason (older, stronger player)
  • JUCO’s offers you time to figure out what you want to major in
  • You can improve your academic profile before attending a NCAA or NAIA school


Con’s of Junior College:

  • The 2 years at JUCO DOES COUNT towards your eligibility years  you would only have 2 years left to play at a 4-year school
  • JUCO’s typically have less of a budget for their basketball program


Now you are armed with all the info you can take some time, think about everything, do your research and choose the option you feel will help you achieve your basketball goals.

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