TC3 Jamboree Champions 2016!

A second championship win in a row, the Eagles are on fire!

Staying more local for this Jamboree, the Eagles Team headed up to Tompkins Cortland Community College for the TC3 Jamboree. This was a one day event. The players were ready, focused and set on winning.

Sunday became another success for the New York International Academy Eagles with another Championship win. N.Y.I.A. had a total of 6 wins and 2 losses with standout players who where very impressive at the tournament.

Coaches in attendance spoke highly of our players including Coach Rich Echevarria of Tompkins Cortland who showed a lot of interest in a few of our N.Y.I.A. players.

On the court, Eagles players stood out by dominating the boards and playing as team with unselfish plays from individuals and a consistent high-performance from the team as a whole.

Lets keep up the excellent work Eagles!